Dynamically rescanning for new devices on Solaris host with Leadville drivers      


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Date Created:   04/18/2006     
Last Modified:  04/18/2006     

Knowledgebase Solution                                                         

        Question:       How to add LUNs to a Solaris host running Sun Leadville firmware and drivers           
        Environment:    Product: CLARiiON                                                      
        Environment:    Product: Symmetrix                                                     
        Environment:    EMC SW: PowerPath                                                      
        Environment:    Host adapter: Sun Leadville                                                    
        Environment:    OS: Solaris                                                    
        Problem:        Unable to see new devices from format command.                                                 
        Problem:        Unable to see new devices from INQ.                                                    
        Problem:        Unable to see new devices in PowerPath.                                                
        Problem:        devfsadm -C fails to present new LUNs to Solaris OS.                                                   
        Change:         Trying to dynamically present new LUNs to Solaris host with Leadville drivers and firmware. These drivers allow the LUNs to be presented without any modification to the sd.conf file.                                                 
        Fix:    First you must find the controller numbers that the OS recognizes the HBAs with. Use the following command and look for the
fc-fabric information:

cfgadm -al
cX fc-fabric connected configured unknown
cX::5006016010602145 disk connected configured unknown
cX::5006016910602145 disk connected configured unknown
cY fc-fabric connected configured unknown
cY::5006016110602145 disk connected configured unknown
cY::5006016810602145 disk connected configured unknown
Then run the following command set from the host:

If you are using PowerPath, continue with the following command set:

The format command and INQ should now display both the native and PowerPath pseudo devices.                                                    
        Notes:  LUNs have been added to Storage Group on the CLARiiON array.                                                   
        Notes:  LUNs have been successfully mapped and masked on the Symmetrix storage system.